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Soar to new heights in the Texas Air National Guard. There are many jobs (called Air Force Specialty Codes/AFSC) to choose from. The San Antonio-based 149th Fighter Wing flies F-16 fighter aircraft. Qualified Airmen receive exceptional education opportunities, pay, compensation, benefits, and retirement opportunities. Call 1-800-529-4776 or (210) 925-5827 to find out what AFSCs are available today.

Be part of the team!

Full-Time Active Duty Military Careers
Excel to greater heights with a full time career in the Air National Guard. Make your future happen and apply today! Call a recruiter at 210-925-5827.

State Career Opportunities
To learn more about civilian jobs available within the Texas Air National Guard, visit our State Headquarters and search "job opportunities."

Part-Time Careers
Protect America's skies and serve your country while working part-time for Air National Guard.
-- You can earn up to $20,000 towards college tuition while working part-time in your hometown when joining the Air National Guard.
-- $20,000 Signing Bonus! Right now, the Air National Guard is also offering a $20,000 signing bonus. Did you know that in the Air National Guard you can serve your country while staying close to home, family and friends? While going to school, you only work a minimum of one weekend a month and two-weeks a year. You can earn college credit while obtaining military and career training, which will make you marketable after you graduate. Air National Guard offers you over 180 different career choices including healthcare, communications, avionics, electronics, and more. Find real-time job openings in your hometown.
Call 210-925-5827 to start your career in the Texas Air National Guard.

Healthcare Professionals

When you "Cross Into The Blue" as a Healthcare professional in the Texas Air National Guard, you'll discover more than just a great career. Read more.


There are many benefits to being a member of the Texas Air National Guard. In addition to the pride of serving your country you may also be eligible for: Click here for more information.

Recruiting FAQs

Have any questions about joining the 149th team? Click here.
For information about going active duty, visit the Air Force site.