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  • Air National Guard Palace Chase Program

    Palace Chase is a voluntary separation program for active duty Air Force officers and enlisted members. It affords you an opportunity to separate from active duty early and serve the remaining portion of your commitment in the Texas Air National Guard. If you'd like to learn more about this program

  • Air National Guard Palace Front program

    The Palace Front program is a transfer program which allows active duty Air Force officers and enlisted members to transfer from the United States Air Force to the Texas Air National Guard the day after separation from the Air Force non-Palace Chase, normally upon completing their Active Duty

  • Already Served?

    When called, you served your nation as a member of the Armed Forces. When your tour was completed, you proudly hung up your uniform, returned to civilian life and started a job in the private sector.But you don't have to give up the benefits you enjoyed in the military. Whether you served in the